Fort Worth, Texas (December 20, 2015) – Acme Brick Company today announced it has expanded its agreement with Bautex Systems to distribute Bautex Block, an insulated concrete block whose wall system meets and exceeds 2015 building and energy codes. As part of the expanded agreement, Acme Brick will now represent Bautex products in most major Texas markets including Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston.

“Bautex and Acme are the right team to meet the needs of some of the strongest construction markets in Texas,” says Paul Brown, president, Bautex Systems. “Our recent projects in Houston indicate that owners want safer, stronger, better performing, and more efficient buildings. Acme Brick has been meeting the needs of architects, general contractors, masonry contractors, developers and homebuilders for many years. Together we are ready to meet the needs of owners and tenants who want the highest standards for energy efficiency, sustainability, durability and safety from windstorm and fire.”

The Bautex Wall System is built on the company’s proprietary insulating concrete block. Known as Bautex Block, it is a lightweight building block made from beads of expanded polystyrene blended with a proprietary cement mixture. Light enough to be handled by a single worker, Bautex Block is simple and quick to install without the need for specialized equipment or installers, can easily be cut and formed to meet any design requirement. Exterior walls may be finished with traditional masonry, stucco or panel exterior finishes.

Bautex Systems entered the Houston market in 2013 and is meeting a range of demands for projects including light and medical office buildings and schools and dormitories seeking both energy efficiency and additional protections from coastal storms. This new distribution agreement with Acme Brick ensures that it can meet growing demand.

“For almost 125 years, Acme Brick has remained a market leader for masonry construction. Providing new products such as Bautex Block helps us meet the increasing demand for energy efficient, safer, more durable and resilient buildings,” says Stan McCarthy, senior vice president of sales for Acme Brick Company. “As design and construction rapidly changes and evolves, our Acme team brings assurance that projects with new products such as Bautex Block are backed by our reputation, our experience and our commitment to their success.”

About Bautex Systems, LLC

Bautex Systems, LLC is focused on providing builders and architects with better materials for building safer, more energy efficient and more design flexible building envelope solutions. From its plant in San Marcos, Texas, Bautex Systems manufactures Bautex Block, comprised of proprietary cementitious material and expanded polystyrene (EPS) and used to build interior and exterior walls for commercial  and residential construction. The company is headquartered in San Marcos and is ideally located to serve builders throughout the southwest United States. For more information, visit