Natural stone is nature’s most perfect building material with one limitation: weight.

The weight per square foot of stone requires heavy foundations and a masonry crew on site to lay and finish the stone. Our new veneer thin stone allows the architect or builder to get the same look of traditional stone with much less weight, and installation is faster than traditional full bed depth stone. Corner units are also available.

There is an emotional element to working with a natural material of such inherent beauty, integrity and variety.In the hands of a skilled designer or craftsperson, stone shows its worth as a one-of-a-kind building material. We offer limestone and sandstone from a variety of quarries. Each layer in every quarry is different, reflecting how the stone was formed over millions of years in the earth. That can’t be duplicated in artificial stone. Naturally-occurring and readily available, stone offers high thermal capacitance and durability that results in low maintenance and structural permanence.

Acme takes exceptional care to assure uniform quality, with measures that include vetting the quarries and verifying compliance with ASTM standards.

New quarrying and processing technology have made natural stone more affordable than ever. And when you consider longevity, stability, permanence, and ease of maintenance, the value of natural stone far exceeds its initial cost.

See below for full line of stone options. Email us at for more information or to place an order.

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