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With so many options, it’s challenging for a homeowner to decide what’s hot and what’s not for the most important room in the house - the kitchen. Fortunately, Acme Brick has a few ideas that will give you some food for thought!

As recently as the early 20th century, when Acme Brick was just getting started, cooking activities were decidedly unappetizing and even dangerous. As a result, kitchens were not a part of the main house. Later, the kitchens were moved inside, but were typically located in the back of the home. 

Those days are long gone. 

In a contemporary home, the kitchen has become the focal point for the entire family and any friends who happen to be visiting. Because of this popularity, kitchen design trends are top-of-mind for architects, builders, interior designers and, of course, homeowners. 

In an effort to make sense of this constantly changing design paradigm, several well-known interior designers and experts from Acme Brick were queried about the 10 hottest kitchen design trends for 2019. Here’s what was discovered.

#1 Streamlined Design and Natural Materials in the Kitchen Will Soften the High-Tech Trend in Homes

Since the kitchen has become the hub of the home, there has been more emphasis on making it look and feel like a refuge. This will continue in 2019. This process will be enhanced by cleaner design, such as the still popular open layout with the rest of the home and the use of natural construction materials such as brick and stone. 

According to designer, Anne Heper “In 2019, modern kitchen design will be about going to back to basics. Kitchens are being pared down to allow raw materials to shine on their own.” This can include reclaimed wood, stone, shiplap and, the ultimate natural material, brick.

Britt Stokes of Acme Brick agrees. “We have seen an increase in the use of brick for adding texture to contemporary kitchens,” he said. “It’s a natural, sustainable material that is timeless.”

Chicago-area designer, Bryan Sebring notes that simplicity in kitchen design will help a family decompress. “Stress-free environments are what you would like to come home too, and drown out the day to day stresses of life.  Which usually means, simplicity. Simple looks are all about modern clean lines. They will continue to be a huge hit throughout 2019.

“Consider materials with texture. If you are using open shelving, rough cut wood to bring in natural elements or metal tubing for a more industrial attitude. Floor tiles in a natural stone or backsplash tiles that are sculpted, beveled, or stacked make for the perfect focal point.”

#2 Quartz: Still the King of the Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops are where the “rubber meets the road” or, more appropriately, where the knife cuts the carrots, and quartz will continue to be the most popular material for this workspace. 

According to Sebring, “The material is extremely hardy, can last virtually forever, is a breeze to maintain and is antimicrobial. Granite, the main competitor in the high-end bracket, requires more maintenance.”

#3 Integrated Appliances Rule 

As with other parts of the home, such as the media room, the kitchen continues to evolve technologically, especially with regard to appliances. New York design firm, Young Huh notes, "We will continue to see integrated appliances. We have hoods that are slim and turn on automatically that are stronger than some of the industrial ones we have seen in the past. Induction cooktops continue to be increasingly popular because of their seamless look.” 

#4 Hunter Green Is the Must-Have Color for Kitchens 

Bright white walls and appliances are so “June Cleaver.” Several well-known designers, including NYC interior designer Becky Shea, have fallen in love with Hunter Green. She was quoted in Elle Decor as saying"A hunter green kitchen garners a myriad of adjectives from classic, welcoming, warm, cozy, luxe, best friend, especially when we introduce the use of walnut woods and leather door pulls to give a little pop. It really doesn't get much better than this color and I'm definitely feeling that it's going to be huge in 2019. I see so much hunter green and olive green in the market (and in fashion), that it's destined to happen." 

“This preference for Hunter Green is very much in line with the trend toward natural colors,” said Stokes of Acme Brick. “The hues of brick as an accent wall behind the stove are a perfect visual complement to this and other rich colors.”

#5 Single-Level Islands Improve Kitchen Efficiency

The kitchen design experts at Better Homes & Gardens magazine have extolled the benefits - from workflow to aesthetics - of single-level islands. “When keeping an open layout, single-level islands allow light to seamlessly stream through a space. Not only do counter-height islands increase the intimacy of a kitchen, they also expand valuable prep space. Choose a large kitchen island with a waterfall edge to make room for stools to tuck underneath.”

#6 Goodbye Stainless Steel. Hello Vibrant Appliances!

Matching stainless steel appliances have had a good run the modern kitchen but that run is just about done. According to Sebring Design“Typical stainless steel appliance sets will begin to make your home appear very dated. To stay ahead of the trend, go with pops of unique colors and get creative with mismatching. Some of the most expensive and stylish stoves out right now are featured in ruby reds and bright blues. While we understand this might not match with every homeowner’s personal tastes, we encourage you to take back this retro trend and make it your own. 

Traditionally appliances are sold in suites, but it is becoming more popular to find a vintage styled refrigerator sold individually This is definitely a departure from the once traditional all-white appliances. However, homeowners seem willing to experiment with a wider range of tones around the kitchen these days.”

In the midst of this color explosion, several designers have also noted a trend toward matte black for appliances. “If you still haven't bought that matte black Kitchen Aid yet, it's time,” said Los Angeles based designer, Natalia Meyers."Matte black fixtures and hardware are growing in popularity," Meyers says. "What was once a minimal and stark choice in all white modern kitchens is now a fun way to subtly add contrast to wood cabinets and more traditional Shaker style kitchens."

“We also offer a black brick that designers have fallen in love with,” said Stokes. “As with the matte black fixtures, this black brick can serve as a very cool accent for any modern kitchen.”

#7 Organic Drawer Pulls Are Hot for Kitchen Design

Given the penchant towards natural materials, it should not come as a surprise that interior designers are incorporating natural elements in the smallest details - kitchen drawer pulls. "Folks want organic, and organic we'll give them,” said designer Becky Shea “We're seeing a huge movement away from the traditional polished chrome and nickel knob and pull, to hardware that has a little more warmth and depth to it. Used in moderation, on an island or a hutch, this is something I definitely see thriving in 2019 and a lot of our clients are gravitating towards this subtle yet impactful detail on their millwork." 

#8 Open Shelving Will Show Off Those Pretty Dishes

With regards to shelving, less is more in today’s kitchen. According to Better Homes & Gardens editors “Upper cabinetry continues to come down as homeowners opt for the open, airy look of additional windows or choose to display dishware and artwork on open shelves. Open shelving in the kitchen makes it even easier to carry cups and plates from the dishwasher to their storage place.” 

#9 Let This Sink In

Unlike the shelves, bigger is better for the kitchen sink in 2019. Better Homes & Gardens editors note, “When it comes to sink trends, the emphasis is on function. Generous, high-performance models with a single bowl contain splashes while simultaneously accommodating large pots and pans or other items that require hand washing. Consider farmhouse-style sinks, which have regained popularity in part thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines.”

#10 Time to Say “Bye Bye” to These Former Hot Trends That Have Turned Stone Cold

It happens every year. For every new, must-have, kitchen design, appliance or color, there are a few that are destined for the disposal. Here are a few that the modern homeowner might want to consider tossing out with the scraps in the coming months.

  • Mason jars for drinking - It was a cute idea that is now dated. Lose ‘em asap.
  • Subway tiles - These tiles have had a long run but unfortunately, it’s done. They’re tired and make a modern kitchen look like a fast-food restaurant.
  • Hanging racks for pots and pans - Been there. Done that. Rack ‘em up!
  • Barn doors - This trend was over a couple of years ago. So, why do you still have them?
  • Tiny backsplashes – They were once all the rage, but unfortunately spills and splatters have bad aims.
  • Distressed and glazed cabinet finishes – Hot once. Not now.
  • Brass hardware – It seems dated. Better go with brushed or satin nickel.
  • Ornate cabinetry - See #8 above
  • Granite countertops - See #2 above
  • Faux Finishes - Here’s a kitchen rally cry for 2019: “No mo' faux!!”

For centuries, natural brick has added a warm, inviting look to every room in the house. It never goes out of style. Let us show you why Acme Brick can be a stylish and utilitarian addition to your kitchen. Just click here.