Pine Hall Chesapeake Pearl Extruded Thin Brick
Pine Hall Chesapeake Pearl Extruded Thin Brick

Pine Hall offers three lines of Thin CladTM classic thin brick.

Extruded Thin Clad are ideal for large commercial jobs or small residential projects. With eight stock colors and an ability to make large quantities in a wide range of colors, this is Pine Hall's best selling thin brick line.

Sawcut thin brick are ideal when transitioning to a full size brick and when a certain batch is needed. Pine Hall has a fully dedicated saw operation big enough to handle the largest building, but flexible enough for a custom backsplash. Most Sawcut Thin Clad are 1/2” thick but heavier textures require 3/4” thickness.

Old School 8s - Back when a 2x4 was actually 2” x 4” and stone wasn’t colored concrete, brick were typically eight inches in length. This series of thin brick pays homage to this traditional size of 2-1/4” x 8”. The antique rumbled finish is intended for the wall, but perfectly at home on your floor.

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